Dancing is hard. The hours of exertion, the stumbles and failures are all part of the lead up to the most euphoric feeling when we finally nail that routine for the first time. And just how good is that feeling… but it still doesn’t change the fact that dancing is hard. So why would be want to make it harder by having the wrong gear?

Dancewear makes the performance. Be it in a rehearsal, a performance, an exam, or just for fun, the right gear is vital to making sure you get the most out a dance – helping you ‘nail it’. Here are a few things that the PDW team have learned about the right dancewear:


We all know dance is all about personality and attitude, so confidence is key. When you look good, you feel good, and any kind of athlete is prone to doing better when the clothes fit right.

Tailored for specific routines

Dance gear comes in a huge variety, meaning there are garments suited for the specific artistic objectives and routine. A lyrical Jazz piece in jazz sneakers? It just wouldn’t work. Trust us; We’ve all been there on stage in the wrong shoes. Having the right gear is needed to enhance any routine or practice. Plus, you always feel better in the best clothes!


We know dancing is hard. No one who has tried to dance full out for more than 30 seconds at a time can deny that. The importance of comfortable dancewear, which allows for ultimate flexibility and agility is second to non. When you have quick changes back stage, lesson after lesson, rehearsal after rehearsal or just love dancing all styles, it is important to choose the right clothing. Knowing which leotard will easily transform from Ballet to Jazz, or which shoes are best for that triple pirouette you have finally mastered, and get the best out of your performance.

The right material is also a must for our outfits. New fabrics breathe and allow our perspiration to magically disappear (well nearly anyway).

Theme of the dance

Speaking of ‘nailed it’, have a look at this Samba from So You Think You Can Dance Season 3.

Now imaging that Lacey and Danny are in different outfits – pick a genre and imagine the impact it would have on the story that is that dance. Totally different outcome. The choreography demands a certain style.

Just because

Let’s face it, some of the best bits about dancing are the outfits. Yeah, you could turn up to class in leggings and an old pyjama top and dance beautifully, but it would be nowhere near as much fun as if you were doing it in the latest sparkly crop top and the latest booty shorts or tights. Are we right?! Keep up with the latest trends and make the rest of the class jealous!

Look and feel good, no matter your ability

Whether you are trying something new or have been a prima ballerina since age 1, having the right dance wear is the most important thing. Remember the first time you danced on Pointe? Ouch! Newer dancer or old timer? A simple accessory such as the Bunhead Ouch Pouch can save you from a world of pain. Always remember to check out dance accessories for those added extras people so often forget. You never know when that bit of extra elastic will come in handy! And don’t forget the bag to hold everything in! (Check out ‘What’s in my Dance Bag’ on YouTube!)

Not sure where to start? Get in touch with the Prima Dance Warehouse team to find out what apparel best suits your need.

PDW xx - Shop Hard. Dance Harder.

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