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Pick me! Pick Me! - 10 reasons to buy from Prima Dance Warehouse.

Posted on September 18 2016

The online world has certainly changed the way that we consumers purchase the things we need (and want). There are so many options for us to choose from, which is great, until is comes time to click the BUY button. Then it can just be confusing. If you think about it in terms of how we used to shop, it is like having 10 or 100 shops in a row at your local Mall that all sell exactly the same item. How do you pick?

Here are some tips that may help and if you are still not sure, shop at Prima Dance Warehouse. Hint: We tick every one of these boxes.

1. Security. The anonymity that can come with the online experience seems to bring the bad guys out of the woodwork. A dodgy online store is the equivalent of walking down a back alley and meeting THAT guy with a long trench coat who stops you and asks "Wanna buy a watch?". The prices may be cheaper but when you buy, will it actually turn up and even more importantly, what happens with your personal information? (That is actually more valuable to these stores than your purchase!) 

  • Make absolutely sure the store you choose has a secure transaction capability. Check the padlock or similar icon in your browser. 
  • Is the store hosted in a secure, PCI Compliant environment? Your information is on that server so the host must be as safe as possible from attack. If the store doesn't advertise this it may well not be the case...

2. Free Shipping.

It is great to get the bargain of the century but if it costs a bomb to get it to your door did you really save much? At Prima Dance Warehouse, except for really bulky items such as Dream Duffels, we have free Express Post shipping on orders over $100. Free. Don't forget, we also have the option to collect in store as well.

3. Rewards programs.

Rewards points can really add up if you get the right program. Want a $10, $25 or $50 credit to your next purchase? Then come to Prima Dance Warehouse and check out the program.

4. Credit card fees

How much do these "additional fees and charges" annoy you? I hate them. I go to the Mall parking station machine to pay for a $45 parking stay and it debits my account with $46.13! How does that work???? So we don't charge them. Full stop.

5. Range of products available and ready to ship.

Whilst is may be convenient to have a virtual lineup of stores at Browser Mall, I find it really time consuming and sometimes downright painful buying everything I need when I have to go to so many stores to do it. It can cost a lot more too (refer to shipping costs above if you don't believe me!)  Prima Dance Warehouse has over 500 product types from 14 designers with 10s of thousands of variants in one place. From Bun to Pointe, we have it covered. All of it.

6. Paying at the Checkout

This the bit where you part with your hard earned cash. The payment options have to meet your needs AND BE SECURE!! Site security is therefore critical (refer above). The method of payment has to be acceptable too. Prima Dance Warehouse accepts Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Paypal. News Flash! We now accept Apple Pay so when you get to checkout on your enabled device you will see an Apply Pay button. Safe, secure and really really easy.

7. Advice

Dance gear, especially dance shoes, can be a minefield to navigate. If a store has staff that have actually lived dance they can help you get it right. Which brings me to the bit about contacting an online store. Does the store offer a physical shopfront you can visit i.e. is it real? Email? Phone? FaceTime? Contact form on the website? Prima Dance Warehouse has all of these and we would love you to chat to us about your needs. We are all dancers and have lived the joy and the pain. We also like chatting.

8. Great Prices

The price of items is obviously a big factor in where we purchase. Finding a product at the right price when all of the above factors are included is a must. What's on sale? What is the normal price? Prima Dance Warehouse has made every effort to get our prices as low as possible. We work with our suppliers to get the latest gear at great prices. Check out our On Sale Now! section online and on Facebook.

9. Satisfaction Guaranteed

Sometimes buying online can be like shopping wearing a blindfold. Being able to return items if they are not what you thought they would be is a must have. If an online store has a Satisfaction Guaranteed policy then pick them. Simple. You guessed it: Prima Dance Warehouse has a 14 day satisfaction Guaranteed policy.

10. Trust. A very important word.

In a lot of ways, being able to trust the store you buy from to assist you with your choice, deliver on time and back up their service comes down to how long the store has been in business. A brand new store may be amazingly enthusiastic but when it comes to advice and delivery, they may be a bit lacking. Pick a store that has experience.

Prima Dance Warehouse was established as Prima Ballerina Supplies over 30 years ago. We are servicing our second generations of dancers now. Our online store was launched in 2011 and has delivered thousands of orders to Dancers all over Australia, New Zealand and even to New York and Canada. Our new online store has taken this to a whole new level. Check us out!


Dancing is hard. Why should shopping for dance wear be?

PDW xx

Shop Hard Dance Harder


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  • Claire Livesley : November 06, 2016

    Awesome website. Easy to navigate and to find exactly what I need Everytime. Payment & checkout is a breeze and the pickup in store option just makes the whole thing even easier.
    Thanx for taking the stress out of shopping Dance wear!
    Claire xxx

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